Spotlight YMS Fast-Tracks Efficiencies in Yard Operations

2023 Year in Review

In supply chain management, efficiency is the backbone of success. In the yard, where time is money and visibility is paramount, manufacturing, distribution, and retail businesses need more than just a solution – they need a game-changer. Enter Lazer Logistics’ Spotlight, a leading-edge SaaS-based Yard Management System (YMS) designed to revolutionize how you manage yard operations.

At its core, Spotlight is more than just software; it’s a strategic ally empowering you with end-to-end visibility and real-time tracking of in-yard freight.

Developed by supply chain operators for supply chain operators, Spotlight boasts an easy-to-use interface that puts you in control, coupled with swift implementation, ensuring businesses can seamlessly integrate it into their operations. Its electronic task creation and management execution streamline processes, making yard management a breeze.

Optimized Workflows

Spotlight’s features extend to gate management, offering an Android device for arrivals and departures. Equipped with our proprietary software, Spotlight allows for seamless tracking and management of incoming and outgoing freight. It also enables customizable entry tasks and validates carriers’ paperwork and equipment status.

With RFID, non-RFID, or hybrid yard options, you can tailor the system to your unique needs. Real-time trailer visibility, dock execution, and seamless WMS integration further enhance operational efficiency, while dwell time capture and dock status visibility ensure optimized workflows.

But what truly sets Spotlight apart isn’t just its features – it’s the unique and tangible benefits it delivers exclusively to your business. From improved spotter and yard productivity to digitized gate execution and data management, and enhanced product protection and risk management, Spotlight offers a range of exclusive advantages.

Spotlight doesn’t just promise savings; it delivers. Clients experience up to:

  • a 10% to 25% reduction in yard service hours
  • automatic real-time trailer data,
  • and a 35% increase in hooks per hour (HPH).

With Spotlight, your business can significantly increase the number of loading and unloading operations it can handle in an hour, leading to faster turnaround times and increased productivity. Detention is reduced by over 50%, while increased yard productivity contributes to fewer man-hours, promoting sustainability through lower staff requirements and decreased fuel usage.

A Catalyst for Change

Built by yard operators with extensive supply chain operational experience, Spotlight is a testament to our deep understanding of the intricate demands of yard management. This insight is woven into every platform aspect, ensuring customers manage their operations efficiently and adapt and thrive in an ever-evolving business landscape.

Spotlight isn’t just a solution; it’s a catalyst for change. From process improvement and enhanced visibility to risk management and cost reduction, the platform unlocks unparalleled outcomes and value. Businesses experience increased operational efficiency, reduced accessorial charges, improved dock turn times, and invaluable data for planning and forecasting.

In the realm of supply chain management, every advantage counts. Spotlight doesn’t just illuminate the yard; it illuminates the path forward for businesses, offering enhanced visibility, increased operational efficiencies, and faster ROI recognition.

With Spotlight, your business gains a competitive edge, making the future of yard management brighter than ever before

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