Enhancing Yard Management Efficiency and Effectiveness


Lazer Logistics’ yard management ensures the smooth flow of goods and materials in the dynamic world of logistics and supply chain management.

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Lazer’s EV solution is soup to nuts – equipment, labor, operation, maintenance, and repair.
Lazer’s EVs require less preventative maintenance than diesel. EVs also break down less often than diesels.
Lazer knows the industry – the manufacturers, the engineers, the regulators, and the grant space.
Healthier air for the communities in which we operate means less emissions – CO2, NOx, PM2.5.


Lazer Logistics’ professional yard managers have the tools and equipment to complete the job quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money.


Electric Vehicle (EV)

With more than six years of experience with electric vehicles, Lazer Logistics is the industry leader in electrifying your yard. Our EV solution is a sustainability initiative geared toward reducing our world’s carbon footprint while saving you money.

North America's Largest Third-Party EV Spotter Fleet

Lazer has the most extensive third-party dedicated yard management battery electric (EV) spotter fleet in North America. We began our EV journey in 2017 with the first commercially viable battery electric yard spotter. Since then we have crunched the operating and safety data, talked with our customers and drivers, and substantially increased the size and breadth of our EV fleet.

Are You WAIRE Compliant?

The WAIRE Program has been implemented in Southern California to meet air quality standards and improve public health by reducing warehouse-associated diesel emissions. You can partially or wholly offset your WAIRE point compliance obligation (WPCO) with Lazer’s turnkey EV solution.
What is the WAIRE Program or Rule 2305?

CapEx Savings

Not in your budget cycle, but ready to employ EVs? Thinking the cost is prohibitive? Believe you can do it cheaper? The price for the chargers and the EV trucks are 2.5 to 3 times higher than diesel. … However, Lazer can quickly turn a capital expense into an operating cost – and you do not buy equipment, which is cost-effective.

Today's Best Alternative to Diesel

Our EVs require less maintenance and offer better uptime than their diesel counterparts. There is no better use case today for Class 8 battery-electric trucks than spotters/terminal tractors. This is because spotting is low-speed, start-and-stop, short-haul, off-road work with immediate access to charging infrastructure.

Supports Your Scope 3 GHG Goals

Our EVs emit ZERO tailpipe CO2, NOx, or PM2.5. Lazer’s electric vehicles directly support your Scope 3 greenhouse gas reduction goals while improving air quality for your employees and the residents of the communities in which you operate.

Turnkey EV Solution – We Provide It All

Electric vehicle terminal tractors, labor, operation, maintenance, and repair – WE PROVIDE IT ALL. Our trucks and chargers are carefully tested to work together, and our EV manufacturers train our drivers.

Calculate Your Savings

Lazer Logistics’ industry-leading yard management relies on North America’s most extensive third-party dedicated yard management EV spotter fleet. Lazer provides the terminal tractors, chargers, labor, and the expertise around sighting the charger at your facility. Lazer’s electric vehicles directly support your carbon emission reduction goals. How much diesel fuel could you save with Lazer Logistics?

Thinking EVs can improve your yard management?

You don’t know what you don’t know

Electric vehicles are an emerging space, and while heavy-duty, battery electric terminal tractors are the most commercially mature Class 8 EVs, they are still evolving. What you want is a partner that leads the market. Lazer was there from the beginning; we know the industry – the manufacturers, the engineers, the regulators, and the grant space. We actively work with a variety of industry partners to help develop and test new platforms. You get the benefit of Lazer’s vast experience, as well as the financial and sustainability benefits of EVs.

Lazer Can Save You Money

Lazer Logistics’ electric vehicles fleet addresses your yard’s financial and Scope 3 goals. Our zero-emission terminal tractors are reliable, save on diesel costs, and are WAIRE-compliant.

Miles driven

Gallons of diesel saved

CO2 emissions avoided (lbs)