Enhancing Yard Management Efficiency and Effectiveness

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Lazer Logistics specializes in yard logistics solutions that optimize throughput at transition points across the supply chain.

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Our YMS – PowerYard – reduces unnecessary and costly idle time to increase efficiencies and productivity.
Our fleet of cabs and container chassis trailers of 20, 40, tri, and quads provide unsurpassed reliability.
Lazer has a safety-first focus. We are committed to investing in safety training, so you don’t have to.
Our technology, relationships, and superior forced dispatch model save our customers time and money.


Lazer Logistics’ professional yard managers have the tools and equipment to complete the job quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money.



Lazer Logistics’ effective yard management ensures the seamless movement of goods and materials within the supply chain distribution. The shuttle system is important among the various components contributing to efficient yard operations. A shuttle system refers to the use of dedicated vehicles or equipment to transport goods within the yard, optimizing the flow of inventory and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Lazer’s shuttle system ensures efficient movement within the yard – minimizing delays and enhancing operational productivity – by utilizing dedicated shuttle vehicles. This eliminates the need for manual handling or relying on external transportation, reducing the risk of errors, bottlenecks, and time-consuming processes.

We streamline operations for faster loading/unloading of goods and optimize yard space utilization. Our shuttle system enhances inventory management and visibility within the yard. This real-time visibility enables better planning, forecasting, and allocation of resources, leading to improved order fulfillment rates and reduced inventory holding costs. The shuttle system ensures that inventory is readily available and accessible when needed, minimizing stockouts, excess inventory, and associated financial risks.

Enhanced Profitability

With Lazer’s shuttle system, you can effectively utilize yard resources by transporting equipment, labor, and storage space efficiently. We ensure that resources are strategically deployed to minimize idle time, reduce operational costs, and enhance profitability.

Inventory Management

Our shuttle system reduces transportation congestion and optimizes overall yard traffic flow. This streamlined traffic flow improves operational efficiency, enhances safety, minimizes the risk of accidents or collisions, and enables faster turnaround times.

Adapt to Shifting Needs

Lazer’s shuttle system enables you to respond swiftly to changing customer demands and priorities. By having a dedicated transportation system within the yard, you can quickly adapt to shifting needs, such as expedited orders or changes in delivery schedules.

Sustainable Practices

Lazer’s shuttle system contributes to sustainability goals by using fuel-efficient vehicles. This results in reduced fuel consumption, carbon emissions, and environmental impact. The shuttle system aligns with the growing focus on sustainable practices.

Shuttling is crucial to efficient yard management

Lazer’s shuttle system is crucial to efficient yard management. The shuttle system enhances overall operational efficiency and effectiveness by enabling the efficient movement of goods, enhancing inventory visibility, optimizing resource allocation, facilitating agility, and improving safety. We can minimize delays, reduce costs, and help improve customer satisfaction as your business maintains a competitive edge in the dynamic landscape of supply chain distribution.



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