EV and Fleet Management

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Electrify Your Yard

With more than six years of experience with electric vehicles, Lazer Logistics is the industry leader in electrifying your yard. Our EV solution is a sustainability initiative geared toward reducing our world’s carbon footprint while saving you money.

Unequaled Experience

Lazer has the most extensive third-party dedicated yard management EV spotter fleet in North America. 

Turnkey EV Solution

Lazer’s EV solution is soup to nuts – equipment, labor,  operation, maintenance, and repair.

CapEx Savings

Lazer can quickly turn a capital expense into an operating cost – and you do not have to buy costly equipment.

Improved Uptime vs. Diesel

Lazer’s EVs require less preventative maintenance than diesel. EVs also break down less often than diesels.

Environmental Sustainability

Healthier air for the communities in which we operate means less emmissions – CO2, NOx, PM2.5.

Regulatory Benefits

Did You Know: Lazer Logistics’ turnkey EV solution can partially or wholly offset your WAIRE obligations.


Touch the future today

Electric vehicles are an emerging space, and while heavy-duty, battery electric terminal tractors are the most commercially mature Class 8 EVs, they are still evolving. What you want is a partner that leads the market. Lazer was there from the beginning; we know the industry – the manufacturers, the engineers, the regulators, and the grant space. We actively work with a variety of industry partners to help develop and test new platforms. You get the benefit of Lazer’s vast experience, as well as the financial and sustainability benefits of EVs.


Fleet Management

Power BI

Lazer’s PSA team utilizes and presents KPI reports through PowerBI – honing in on productivity challenges, pinpointing areas of customer focus through hosted data-related demonstrations and offering trend analysis to boost site productivity and help identify corrective action.

Industry-Leading Idle Time Management

Lazer has ~15% idle time compared to industry average of ~55%.


Lazer tractors can manage idle time, limit downtime, and predict outages.

Standardization across network

One provider to handle all yard management needs – spotting, shuttling, EV, gate, trailer, drayage, and more.

Open Business Reviews

Lazer Logistics believes in transparency, accountability, and collaboration. We conduct regular business review meetings to discuss performance-to-plan, KPI results and trends and formulate adjustments as needed.




Diagnostic Analysis

Lazer Logistics’ strategic initiatives successfully transformed a distribution center’s performance and safety standards.


Insourcing vs. Outsourcing

Operational inefficiencies are commonplace in yards, but that does not mean they should be accepted as business costs.

What Our Customers Are Saying


“Lazer is the best regarding equipment and maintenance costs – almost $400 less per week on equipment costs.”


“Lazer always addresses issues we flag to them very quickly. From a customer service standpoint, they’re doing a great job.”