Paragon of Exceptional Service


Paragon of exceptional service

About Us

We are a logistics powerhouse built on a foundation of shared values: diversity, drive, and above all else, family. From fresh drivers to seasoned execs, new leads to trusted partners, roughed-up rigs to cutting-edge software, the yard to the globe, family to family – we are building the future together.

Lazer Logistics started in 1996 when the two founders decided to act upon an entrepreneurial whim and buy a spotter truck. They pooled their money, placed a down payment, and set off to find their first customer. They arrived at their first night on the job wearing suits, having never driven a spotter truck before.

From these humble beginnings, Lazer has grown exponentially since its inception, adding blue-chip clients and expanding its footprint every day, every year. Adam Newsome joined as President in 2003, leveraging a strong legal and financial background to support the company’s growth.

Adam’s sister Stefanie joined that year to improve accounting and human resources functions. Phil Newsome joined Lazer in 2011 after operating his own transportation companies and is the COO.

Lazer Logistics began as a family business and maintains the same sense of tenacity and care for its people and partners 27 years later. Lazer Logistics is built to get the job done with a growing customer base across the U.S. and Canada, the right equipment, and skilled teams with an innovative spirit.

Committed to Our Values

Driven to achieve • We keep each other safe • Resilient to our core • Our leaders serve and develop our people • If you are here, you are family

We get the job done right for our clients and take care of our people while we do it. It’s that simple.

– Adam Newsome, CEO, Lazer Logistics

Lazer Logistics stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of client service, consistently delivering exceptional results that eclipse industry standards. At the heart of our success lies an unwavering commitment to our core values, which form the bedrock of our operations and inspire our dedicated team.

“Driven to achieve” encapsulates our relentless pursuit of excellence. Through innovative strategies, meticulous planning, and a commitment to continuous improvement, we consistently exceed client expectations, ensuring their goals are not only met but surpassed.

“We keep each other safe” reflects our dedication to fostering a secure and supportive work environment. Our emphasis on safety creates a culture of trust and teamwork, where each member takes responsibility for their actions and the well-being of their colleagues.

“Resilient to our core” speaks to our ability to weather challenges with grace and determination. In a dynamic industry, we adapt and evolve, ensuring our clients’ needs are met regardless of the circumstances.

“Our leaders serve and develop our people” emphasizes our commitment to nurturing talent. Our leaders not only guide but also mentor and empower our team to reach its full potential, leading to a harmonious cycle of growth and success.

Finally, “If you are here, you are family” underscores our unity and camaraderie. Our clients and team members are more than just partners – they are part of our extended family, united by a shared vision of success.

Lazer Logistics shines as a paragon of exceptional service, driven by a dedication to our core values. Through our pursuit of excellence, commitment to safety, resilience, talent development, and familial unity, we create not just results, but a foundation for a great life for our people.