Industry-Leading Technology

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Why Lazer?

Lazer Logistics is steadfast in pursuing cutting-edge technology for yard management due to an unwavering commitment to operational excellence. We ensure efficient inventory management, reduced operational costs, and increased responsiveness by leveraging advanced technologies, such as automation, real-time tracking, and data analytics.

PowerYard and Spotlight YMS

User-friendly yard management systems provide powerful insights and data that allow you to control your yard.

Tomorrow IO Weather Platform

Provides objective data to provide collaborative planning around weather-related events to minimize safety risks.

Sustainability Initiative

Lazer’s EVs support emission reduction goals. For communities in which we operate means less CO2, NOx, PM2.5.

LYTX Drivecam Program

Monitor drivers’ behavior to reinforce good habits for reduced claims and incident-related costs.


Power BI

The Premier Solutions Design Team is a support function that helps drive efficiency and cost savings back to our customers, leading to a solid partnership to help grow your business.

Lazer’s PSA team utilizes and presents KPI reports through PowerBI – honing in on productivity challenges, pinpointing areas of customer focus through hosted data-related demonstrations and offering trend analysis to boost site productivity and help identify corrective action.


Unequaled YMS Expertise

Advanced Gate Operations

Lazer’s options include optical camera recognition (OCR) to automate your gate and a QR-code-based system that allows the driver to input necessary information so drivers can check in before they arrive at the gate.

Job-Specific Training

Lazer Learning Center is customized to the specific job functions of a Lazer-specific spotting employee.

DOT and OSHA Compliance

Adhering to regulations is mandatory by law and promotes a safe working environment.




Diagnostic Analysis

Lazer Logistics’ strategic initiatives successfully transformed a distribution center’s performance and safety standards.


Insourcing vs. Outsourcing

Operational inefficiencies are commonplace in yards, but that does not mean they should be accepted as business costs.

What Our Customers Are Saying


“Lazer is the best regarding equipment and maintenance costs – almost $400 less per week on equipment costs.”


“Lazer always addresses issues we flag to them very quickly. From a customer service standpoint, they’re doing a great job.”