Enhancing Yard Management Efficiency and Effectiveness

Lazer Drayage

Lazer Logistics’ yard management ensures the smooth flow of goods and materials in the dynamic world of logistics and supply chain management.

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Our fleet of cabs and container chassis trailers of 20, 40, tri, and quads provide unsurpassed reliability.
With hundreds of locations across North America, we’re everywhere you need us to be.
Lazer has relationships with key rail operators that help us avoid getting buried in a stack.
Our technology, relationships, and superior forced dispatch model save our customers time and money.


Lazer Logistics’ professional yard managers have the tools and equipment to complete the job quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money.



Lazer Logistics’ drayage plays a crucial role in yard management for supply chain distribution, offering significant benefits and contributing to operations’ overall efficiency and effectiveness. Drayage refers to transporting goods over short distances, from ports or rail terminals to distribution centers or warehouses. Our drayage provides a vital link between different modes of transportation, facilitating the movement of goods from ports or rail terminals to distribution centers.

As goods arrive at ports or rail terminals, drayage services ensure their smooth transfer to the yard, enabling further processing and distribution. Lazer’s drayage services offer flexibility and responsiveness. By having drayage services readily available within the yard management framework, you can respond promptly to market demands, expedite deliveries, and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.

Optimize Yard Resources

Efficiently manage expenses associated with short-distance movements by employing Lazer’s dedicated drayage services. Drayage offer specialized equipment and expertise in handling containers or cargo, allowing you to optimize yard resources.

Supply Chain Integrity

Lazer drayage allows real-time tracking and monitoring capabilities, providing real-time info about the location and status of shipments. This visibility helps you effectively manage exceptions, minimizing disruptions and maintaining the integrity of the supply chain.

Adapt to Shifting Needs

Lazer’s drayage services contribute to efficiently utilizing ports and rail terminals, minimizing congestion. This streamlined movement of goods improves operational efficiency and reduces costs associated with demurrage or detention fees.

Reduced Environmental Impact

Lazer’s drayage services contribute to sustainability and environmental responsibility within the supply chain. We consolidate shipments, optimize routes, and utilize fuel-efficient vehicles, reducing the environmental impact of transportation.

Drayage is critical in yard management for supply chain distribution

Drayage plays a critical role in yard management for supply chain distribution. By providing a crucial link between ports or rail terminals and distribution centers, Lazer’s drayage services ensure the smooth flow of goods, enhance agility, reduce transportation costs, optimize resource utilization, and maintain supply chain visibility. Incorporating Lazer within yard management enables you to efficiently manage the movement of goods, meet customer demands, and contribute to sustainability goals. Lazer drayage is an indispensable component of a well-structured supply chain distribution system, driving operational efficiency and success.



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