Yard Management Solutions

We go beyond yard spotting to provide our clients
with customized solutions so they can concentrate on their core business.

Lazer Logistics provides visibility and efficiencies that drive profitability


We use new equipment such as EV Spotters and trailers to maximize uptime.


Our YMS – PowerYard – reduces unnecessary and costly idle time.


We are committed to investing in safety training, so you don’t have to.


With hundreds of locations across North America, we’re everywhere you need.


We are a diverse and representative team that feels like family.

Lazer Logistics Key Differentiators

We create substantial additional value relative to the typical yard-spotting provider or internal operations.

The Scale to Manage Your Complete Yard Operations

• In operation since 1996
• Lazer manages operations at over 500 sites across 37 states and Canada
• Complete turnkey services – our employees, our equipment, our insurance
• Dedicated account management team oversees all aspects of your operation
⚬ Safety training
⚬ Cross-training of drivers
⚬ DOT compliance
• Rapid Response Team provides coverage during key periods
⚬ Faster start-ups and transitions
⚬ Ability to surge as needed
⚬ Provide emergency coverage to ensure uptime

We Manage the Fleet for You

• An experienced team dedicated to fleet management since 1996
• Delivering industry-leading uptime, complete with a backup program
• Idle-time fuel savings between 87-92% with EV spotters and shuttles
• Most extensive third-party dedicated yard management EV spotter fleet in North America

Committed to Saving You Money

• Fuel efficiency and cost savings - 18% idle time vs. 52% industry average
• Visibility into performance, uptime, and billing accuracy with PowerBI customer portal
• More productivity with efficient and faster spotting and shuttling with Lazer YMS
• Dedicated Professional Solutions Analysts actively monitor accounts, looking for efficiencies and adhering to KPIs

Maximizing Performance With Industry-Leading Technology

• PowerYard: Yard Management System has the essential tools you need
• LYTX Drivecam Program: In-cab monitoring for continuous training
• Tomorrow IO Weather Platform: Advanced weather app maximizes safety and uptime
• Phantom Auto Remote Driver Training at scale
• Optical resolution gate technology systems

Invested in Safety

• Sustained YoY reduction in accidents and injuries during the past 6 years
• Customized driver onboarding tailored to specific work experience
• Comprehensive safety program with a focus on risk control and prevention measures
• Higher productivity with lower driver churn
• Extensive use of technology in the safety process

Diverse and Experienced Team

• Training + Growth: Committed to supporting team members in their path to success
• Safety: Extensive and ongoing training with industry-leading safety metrics
• Diversity: More comprehensive experiences and backgrounds result in stronger teams
• Sustainability: We recognize our responsibility to the planet and society at large

Moves Today


Fuel Savings


Yard Labor Savings


Below Customer Target

Calculate Your Savings

Lazer Logistics’ industry-leading yard management relies on North America’s most extensive third-party dedicated yard management EV spotter fleet. Lazer provides the terminal tractors, chargers, labor, and the expertise around sighting the charger at your facility. Lazer’s electric vehicles directly support your carbon emission reduction goals. How much diesel fuel could you save with Lazer Logistics?

How can Lazer Logistics help your business?


Resolved issues, added value

Lazer Logistics took over a distribution center for a discount retailer. The operation had multiple issues. Lazer and the customer created a plan to improve performance.


Are you WAIRE Program compliant?

Lazer Logistics’ EV Solutions may be able to help warehouse owners and operators earn point offsets to meet obligations of the WAIRE Program (Rule 2305).

Diverse Customer Base

Servicing satisfied yard management clients in a wide selection of industries

Third-Party Logistics (3PL)

Lazer Logistics offers expertise, resources, and technology to streamline and optimize your yard management.

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

Lazer understands the influences that affect CPGs, and we adapt to ensure your yard operations remain optimized.

Food and Beverage

Efficient yard management maintains product quality, complies with regulations, and minimizes costs.

Industrial and Manufacturing

Lazer can streamline your operations, improve efficiency, minimize downtime, and enhance overall effectiveness.


Lazer’s yard management can optimize your supply chain, reduce costs, and deliver a better customer experience.


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