Enhancing Yard Management Efficiency and Effectiveness


Lazer Logistics specializes in yard logistics solutions that optimize throughput at transition points across the supply chain.

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A YMS software solution with end-to-end visibility and real-time tracking of in-yard freight,
User-friendly system provides powerful insights and data that allow you to control your yard.
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Lazer Logistics’ professional yard managers have the tools and equipment to complete the job quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money.



Yard management leverages leading-edge technology to optimize operations, utilizing IoT sensors, real-time data analytics, and AI for precise asset tracking, streamlined processes, reduced idle times, and improved resource utilization. Automated systems enhance safety, minimize errors, and enable agile responses to changing demands, increasing efficiency, customer satisfaction, and profitability.

Lazer’s YMS ensures tasks are executed right the first time. Spotlight has accurate data and its organized layout reduces chaos and errors. Your visibility of movement within the yard assures accuracy. We also offer the right price and terms – no up-front investment, no-risk term, less expensive than complicated yard management systems – and we bring our tech with no termination penalties.

Easy UX/UI

Developed by operators for operators, it is easy to train drivers on Spotlight, with quick implementation.

Gate Control

An Android gate device that features customizable entry tasks and validation of carriers’ paperwork and equipment status.

Yard Management

RFID, non-RFID, hybrid yards – Spotlight covers your needs, including spotting task management and real-time trailer visibility.

Dock Execution

Spotlight allows WMS integration and also captures dwell time and visibility into dock status.

Enhanced visibility, increased operational efficiencies, faster ROI

Spotlight Yard Management Platform was built by operators for operators with operational experience in yard operations. This insight was channeled into the design and development of the Spotlight yard management platform, giving our customers the power to manage the entire yard operation (complex or simplistic), & the flexibility to adapt and meet the demands of their evolving business.


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