Lazer Logistics expands EV fleet, adds a leading YMS Spotlight

Latest growth comes as a result of the acquisition of Hirschbach Motor Lines spotting division


ALPHARETTA, GA, November 15, 2023 – Lazer Logistics, the leading provider of outsourced, end-to-end yard management services in North America, announced today that with the acquisition of Hirschbach’s spotting division, it also acquired the Spotlight YMS (Yard Management Software), a robust logistics software solution designed to help companies manage and optimize yard operations by providing real-time yard visibility. In addition, Lazer increased North America’s largest outsourced fleet of EV terminal tractors by more than 20%, further bolstering Lazer as the leader in decarbonized yard service solutions.

The integration of Spotlight, a purpose-built YMS developed by operators of yard services, into Lazer’s growing portfolio of technology solutions strengthens Lazer’s position as the premier provider of outsourced yard operations. Spotlight is a highly regarded platform known for significantly improving the efficiency of yard operations through its advanced features, such as real-time yard visibility and integrated gate and dock management workflows. With Spotlight, Lazer can rapidly manage and dispatch drivers and trailers (including reefers) across the yard and in parallel with managing dock and gate operations.

Lazer Logistics CEO Adam Newsome provided insight into Lazer’s technology focus. “As yards become increasingly complex due to higher rates of utilization and product velocity, our customers require more flexibility to rapidly scale up their operations to meet peaks in throughput. This is particularly important for our retail clients when faced with seasonal demand. Lazer’s comprehensive product offering enhances efficiencies in the yard by providing innovative digital solutions in parallel with reliable spotting, shuttling, drayage, gate management, and trailer rental services. The Spotlight acquisition represents an exciting milestone in our journey.”

“Our clients have varying technological needs; some want real-time visibility in the yard, while others want daily or weekly performance and efficiency insights. Our goal is to provide flexible services and solutions that meet the requirements of any given customer. Spotlight will be integrated with our current offerings to provide this range of flexible capabilities.”

Mr. Newsome spoke further about Lazer’s commitment to sustainability solutions. “EVs play a critical role in helping our customers meet their sustainability goals while making their yards a healthier place to work,” he said. “Some states offer incentive programs to encourage the adoption of EVs, while other states, such as California, have shifted toward imposing stricter mobile source air quality regulations as part of their WAIRE Program. Our EV program is second to none, and our customers appreciate and rely on our experience and expertise to help them navigate the changing regulatory landscapes of decarbonization initiatives to meet their emission reduction goals.”

Lazer Logistics
Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Atlanta, GA, Lazer Logistics is North America’s largest outsourced end-to-end yard management provider. Their solutions include trailer spotting, shuttling, trailer rental and leasing, gate management, drayage, YMS technology, and more. Lazer operates North America’s largest fleet of outsourced electric spotters and is committed to helping clients achieve their corporate sustainability goals through a complete end-to-end, customizable solution, including buying, operating, and maintaining all EV vehicles and equipment and managing grant programs where applicable.

Lazer operates in over 620 locations with 5,600+ employees and 10,000+ fleet assets. The company runs over 9 million annual service hours for diverse blue-chip customers across 41 U.S. states and Canadian territories. More info: