Lazer Logistics acquires PCTS assets

Lazer Logistics, Inc. (“Lazer Logistics”), a leading provider of outsourced yard management services in North America, has acquired the yard management assets of Preferred Cartage Trucking Services Inc., a Greeley, Colo.-based transportation company. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Established in 1992, PCTS has provided transportation solutions to the meatpacking and processing industry, including over-the-road freight transportation, short-haul shuttling, trailer leasing, spotting, and other yard management services. The company’s shareholders, Jarrett and Brett McGraw, expanded the business to include operations in three states. They built long-standing customer relationships, some of which have existed since the company’s founding.

The McGraws will continue to own and operate PCTS’s remaining business and provide consulting services to Lazer Logistics to ensure a seamless transition.

“An emerging theme of the acquisitions that Lazer has done over the years is the people who own the businesses are exceptional. They truly embody their values,” Lazer Logistics CEO Adam Newsome said. “Some of the most valuable assets we have received in acquisitions have been the people that have joined the Lazer family.”

Newsome added, “This transaction marks the ninth acquisition in Lazer Logistics’ history and our third successful carve out of Yard Management from OTR/ancillary services. I am excited that we’re expanding into new market verticals, and we are now able to provide value and exceptional customer service to a wider market.”

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