Retail Titan Embraces EVs to Address WAIRE Program

Lazer Logistics CPG Case Study

In the bustling logistics hub of Southern California’s Inland Empire, a major retail corporation and Lazer Logistics, a provider of yard logistics solutions, embarked on a collaborative journey toward sustainability that embraces EVs and related innovative thinking.

Their partnership, initiated in 2021, is driven by a shared commitment to reducing carbon footprints and enhancing operational efficiency in a region dominated by warehouses and intersecting industries.


The retail titan and Lazer faced significant hurdles from the outset of their sustainability journey. They had to navigate the complexities of the Warehouse Actions and Investments to Reduce Emissions (WAIRE) Program, a regulatory framework designed to reduce nitrogen oxide and diesel emissions from warehouses. Compliance with this program, particularly under its Indirect Source Rule (ISR) or Rule 2305, required innovative approaches to avoid potential carbon emissions fees.

The WAIRE Program, enforced by the South Coast Air Quality Management District, mandates that warehouses in areas including Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties, earn WAIRE points by adopting emission-reducing measures. These measures are crucial for meeting federal emission standards and improving public health.

Strategic Approach

Lazer Logistics leveraged its expertise to support its partner in integrating electric vehicles (EVs) into its distribution centers. Together, they identified opportunities for deploying EVs, starting with the installation of two EVs equipped with a DC fast charger at the company’s distribution centers. This move not only reduced emissions but also enhanced efficiency and reduced operational costs.

Innovative Solutions

The collaboration did not stop at initial deployments. Recognizing the evolving requirements of the WAIRE program, both companies continued to innovate. A pivotal moment came when the company aimed to expand its EV fleet but encountered a power capacity issue at its sites, which traditionally could support only two trucks per charger.

Lazer Logistics, in a customer-first approach, conducted trials to explore running three trucks off a single DC fast charger. Through meticulous planning and schedule adjustments, they optimized charger usage, proving that it was feasible to run three trucks per charger without compromising efficiency. This breakthrough set a new benchmark in sustainable logistics.


Since the inception of their sustainability initiative in 2021, Lazer Logistics’ zero-emission EVs have achieved remarkable milestones:

111,613 zero-emission miles driven

51,483 zero-emission key-on hours
77,225 gallons of diesel fuel saved
1,733,706 pounds of CO2 emissions reduced

These achievements underscore the significant environmental impact and cost savings realized through their collaborative efforts.

Future Outlook

Lazer Logistics and its partner are committed to continuing their journey toward net-zero emissions. As the WAIRE Program phases in compliance requirements for warehouses of varying sizes, their focus on innovation and sustainable practices positions them as leaders in the logistics industry.


This partnership exemplifies the power of collaboration in overcoming sustainability challenges. The proactive approach, combined with innovative solutions, has not only reduced emissions and operational costs but also enhanced our partner’s reputation as pioneers in sustainable logistics.

As we forge ahead, Lazer remains dedicated to setting new standards and paving the way for a greener future in the logistics sector.


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