Are you WAIRE Program compliant?

South Coast Air Quality Management District overview for warehouse owners, operators

If you are a warehouse operator or owner and aren’t familiar with the WAIRE Program or Rule 2305, chances are you might be out of compliance, which could cost you money.

What is the WAIRE Program or Rule 2305?

The Warehouse Actions and Investments to Reduce Emissions (WAIRE) Program has been implemented to reduce nitrogen oxide and diesel emissions associated with warehouses to meet federal standards and improve public health. This program is sometimes referred to as the “Indirect Source Rule,” “Rule 2305,” or “ISR.”

Who must comply?

Operators and Owners of warehouses of at least 100,000 square feet.

Where does it apply?

This rule applies to warehouses within the SCAQMD jurisdiction, including large areas of Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties.

When is this being implemented?

The requirements will be phased in over time, with the compliance period for warehouses larger than 250,000 square feet starting on Jan. 1, 2022. Smaller warehouses (between 100,000 square feet and 249,999 square feet) will be phased in between 2023 and 2024.

How can warehouse operators maintain compliance?

Warehouse operators must earn a specific number of WAIRE points yearly, or pay a mitigation fee, to offset the number of truck trips made to and from the warehouse each year. This includes all outside carriers and over-the-road drivers making a trip to a site, regardless of whether it is an “in-house” fleet.

Points to offset the obligation can be earned through:

  • Completing any combination of actions in the WAIRE menu
  • Completing actions in a site-specific custom WAIRE plan
  • Paying a mitigation fee of $1,000 per point


Lazer Logistics provides information about the WAIRE program as a courtesy. Lazer Logistics is not affiliated with the WAIRE program and does not make determinations about the program’s applicability to any warehouse operator. Lazer Logistics’ EV solutions may help applicable parties earn WAIRE Points to meet their WPCO obligations (if any).

All information regarding Rule 2305/Warehouse Indirect Source Rule and the WAIRE program is a product of and sourced directly from the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) website.

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